International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 25th General Conference Part 1 (virtual) 10 to 16 October 2020 Part 2 (virtual) 15 to 24 October 2021

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The workshop elements of the Conference and Workshop will form the majority of the October 2021 meeting. The background to the workshop was explained in the introductory meeting held in March 2021.

Member society delegates who have already taken part in the early parts of the program will, building on the SWOT work already completed, continue their work in intensive workshop sessions. They will develop a vision for the future direction of amateur radio, identify the strategic objectives which will get us there, then develop an understanding of the key steps to reach those objectives. Finally, the program will develop the main elements of some core projects to take us forward for the next few years.

The workshop will rely on active input from all delegates and looks certain to be hard work. The challenges of running the event in a virtual environment means that we will rely on the active support of every delegate to make the event a success.


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