International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 26th General Conference Zlatibor, Serbia 1 to 4 November 2023

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Delegate information

On this page, and the other sub-pages in the left-hand menu, we have collected some useful information for the conference delegates.

Hotel Palisad

Address: Jezero bb, 31315 Zlatibor
Phone: +381 64 845 9047, +381 64 845 9009
URL to hotel: https://palisad.rs/en/home/
Some pictures of the conference rooms on the SRS conference website LINK

Local time

In November – UTC+1 hour
The times in the different programmes are all Serbian time (UTC + 1h).

Arrival to the conference

There will be a reception table in the hotel lobby on 31 October for signing in to the conference. Other times see the Conference Secretariat or hotel reception.

Conference Secretariat

A secretariat will be open 08:00 to 20:00 during the conference. The secretariat is placed to the left of the hotel reception desk in the hotel lobby.

Information and notices during the conference will be placed on notice boards in the hotel lobby.

IT during the conference

The hotel WiFi is used by guests and for the IARU online meetings.

A separate conference WiFi network, with two partitions for file storage, will be installed. The coverage of the WiFi will be in the meeting rooms, the hotel lobby and most of the seating & recreation area. The storage will be split into:

Access rights to the internal IARU network will be with the arrival information

Conference dress code

Cocktails and gala dinner: Semi formal
Outside of cocktails and gala dinner: Casual

Refreshments and drinks

Refreshments and drinks from the hotel bar may be paid or charged to the room.
During the IARU cocktails, at the nearby restaurant, drinks are for free during the first hour. After the first hour, drinks are on each personal account. Drinks may be paid or charged to the room.

Conference amateur radio station – YT26IARU

The amateur radio station will be open times outside of the plenary meetings.
The HF station will be equipped with dipoles on 80 & 40m and with a vertical on higher bands.


Serbian currency unit is DINAR (plural dinars), abbreviated as din or RSD, 1 DIN = 100 stotinki. Foreign currencies may be changed into Serbian dinars at banks, lot of exchange bureaus or in some hotels. Approximate average exchange rates as of 01.04.2023 are:
1 EUR ~ 117 RSD, 1 USD ~ 107 RSD and 1 GBP ~ 133 RSD
For the exchange rates of other currencies, please use www.xe.com
Normally change bureaux offer better rate than airports bureaux.

Credit cards

The most hotels, restaurants, car rental agencies, malls and even small shops accept major credit cards (Visa and MasterCard are most popular). There are several ATM in Zlatibor.


Average maximal and minimal temperatures in late October – beginning of November in Zlatibor are between 5-15° C during the day and 0-7 ° C during the nights.


AC power voltage in Serbia is 230 V, frequency 50 Hz. So-called “French” and Europlug power outlets (see below) widely used in Europe don’t need any adapter.


For calls from all countries to a number in Serbia the dialling code is +381.
For international calls from Serbia the dialling code is 00 + the country code.

Emergency numbers


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Conference Hosts