International Amateur Radio Union Region 1 26th General Conference Zlatibor, Serbia 1 to 4 November 2023

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Conference amateur radio station – YT26IARU

An amateur radio station has been installed on hotel 5th floor, in the lounge room. A Flex 6300 with inverted dipoles for 80 & 40m and a GP for 20m is operational. Some 150 QSO’s was completed in the last 3 hours of the CQ WW SSB.

Unfortunately there is a bad noise environment from the hotel [we should have sent out the EMC committe some months ago 🙂 ] .

During the coming week a QO-100 station will be installed for satellite traffic.

For questions, talk to Ljuba YU5EEA or see the conference secretariat, to the left of the hotel reception.

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